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'Unprecedented' technology sparks FEARS | World | News |

US military analysts are increasingly concerned about the abnormal and unprecedented behaviour of Russian military satellites . The US State Department claimed the Russian satellite was exhibiting technological powers that had "never been seen before".  This included the satellite "birthing" smaller satellites, which then produced even smaller satellites. A source from the US government told CNN that another satellite, known as Kosmos 2499, had been nicknamed "kamikaze". Russia unveils new supersonic STRIKE BOMBER as UK tensions rocket The government source claimed the Kamikaze craft "could have the capability to slam into American satellites, or jam their signals, which would disrupt US communications". US officials fears that these satellites are part of a "secret set of Russian experiments" that could be developing unprecedented military weapons. A Russian Soyuz rocket launched last June under mysterious circumstances and US experts have traced this week's bizarre s ighting  to this launch. Earlier this week, US officials echoed this concern, with US Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control Yleem Poblete speaking out against Vladimir Putin's secretive programme. She told the UN: "We are concerned with what appears to be very abnormal behavior by a declared ‘space apparatus inspector'.  "We don't know for certain what it is, and there is no way to verify it. "Its behavior was inconsistent with anything seen before from on-orbit inspection or space situational awareness capabilities, including other Russian inspection satellite activities." The US official added that this discovery was "disturbing given the recent pattern of Russian malign behaviour". US military analysts are concerned about Russia's abnormal behaviour in space (Image: GETTY) Alexander Deyneko, a Russian diplomat at the convention, dismissed what he called “the same unfounded, slanderous accusations based on suspicions, on suppositions and so on".

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September 7, 2018 / 2:30 AM / Updated 5 minutes ago Magnitude 6.3 quake hits central Ecuador, felt in capital QUITO (Reuters) - A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck central Ecuador on Thursday, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said, although there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage. The quake hit 94 km (58 miles) south of the city of Ambato at a depth of 112 km (69 miles), the USGS said. Tremors were felt in the capital, Quito, and in the industrial port city of Guayaquil, where people ran into the streets, a Reuters witness said. Ecuador’s geological institute said the earthquake, which hit a remote area with a low population, had a magnitude of 6.5. The Andean nation has frequent seismic activity. In 2016, a devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck Ecuador’s Pacific coast, killing more than 650 people. Reporting by Alexandra Valencia; Writing by Angus Berwick; Editing by Shri Navaratnam and Paul Tait

24, 2018 file photo, Vice President Mike Pence gestures while speaking to the Republican National Lawyers Association in Washington. President Donald Trump is lashing out against the anonymous senior official who wrote an opinion piece in The New York Times. Washington is consumed by a wild guessing game as to the identity of the writer, and swift denials of involvement in the op-ed came Thursday from top administration officials, including from Vice President Mike Pence's office, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Dan Coats, director of national intelligence, and other Cabinet members. less FILE - In this Aug. 24, 2018 file photo, Vice President Mike Pence gestures while speaking to the Republican National Lawyers Association in Washington. President Donald Trump is lashing out against the ... more Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wis. speaks during his weekly news conference on Capitol Hill, Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018, in Washington. Ryan says whoever wrote an anonymous New York Times opinion column claiming officials in President Donald Trump's administration are preventing Trump from carrying out his worst instincts is "living in dishonesty" and shouldn't work for him. less Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

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Bridge was an accident waiting to happen

bridge Bridge was ‘an accident waiting to happen’ Bridge was ‘an accident waiting to happen’ THESE pictures of the Ponte Morandi reveal its dilapidated state before the tragedy. One, allegedly taken just weeks ago, appears to show cables hanging from the bridge’s sides. Another reportedly taken in the past few days shows concrete crumbling from its pylons. Government ministers have expressed outrage over the catastrophe, which is being blamed on poor maintenance by Autostrade Per Italia, the private company operating the stretch. The 50-year-old bridge, part of a toll motorway linking Genoa with southern France, collapsed in torrential rain, sending dozens of vehicles plunging 150ft. Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said there was “no doubt” Autostrade was responsible for ensuring the safety of the bridge as part of its contract to run the highway and collect tolls. Photos of the Ponte Morandi appear to show cables hanging from its sides (Image: TWITTER ) “This is a tragedy that is unacceptable in a modern society,” he said. “We have already announced that we will begin the process of revoking the Autostrade concession.” Deputy PM Matteo Salvini said execs had earned “billions” from tolls but “did not spend the money they were supposed to”. The Ponte Morandi’s condition has become a focus of public debate.

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